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Many people are wondering if adding ceramic coating to their car is necessary.

Well that statement is true, especially if you want to protect your investment. Whether you are driving a luxury car or a daily vehicle to get from point A to point B, you want to make sure it is protected and maintain its original shine and retain its value.
So if you are willing to go the extra mile into protecting your car from scratches, dirt, dust, grime, acid rain, and other harmful outdoor elements—you should consider choosing the best ceramic coating service in Calgary. Plus, you will save a lot of money in the long run. Keep on reading to discover the benefits of ceramic coating, learn what ceramic coating does, learn about our good deals on pricing, and find out why ceramic coating is a fantastic option for you.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution

you can apply to your vehicle’s exterior to protect the paint from damage. Professionals carefully apply it by hand as the chemical solution blends with the car paint—creating an additional layer of shine and protection.

Because of this new layer of protection

your car’s paint job remains untouched. Ceramic coating is an excellent alternative to car waxing. Instead of getting your car waxed every now and then, one application of ceramic coating will eliminate the need for frequent waxing—saving you a lot of time and money in the future while keeping your car in showroom condition.

Ceramic coating is more of a permanent solution than waxing

which requires a lot less maintenance and fewer carwashes throughout its lifespan. By applying ceramic coating to your brand-new or well-loved vehicle, you are not only saving your investment from normal wear and tear, you are also part of conserving water due to fewer car washes.



warranty available

Why Choose Us?

There might be many ceramic coating services and detailers in Calgary, but The Local Detailers are experienced and built by a team of professionals who care about your car the way you do.

We Use Only the Best Materials

Another reason to choose The Local Detailers to handle your ceramic coating applications is because of the top-notch products we use! We use Owner’s Pride Ceramic Coating—which is the industry leader in protecting cars, boats, sports vehicles, and more. Owner’s Pride Ceramic Coating is a result of their decades of research and development. When you apply OP Ceramic Coating on the exterior or interior of any vehicle, you are already one step closer into maintaining your investment’s overall value.

7-year warranty on your ceramic coating

In addition, Owner’s Pride offers a 7-year warranty on their products—which guarantees protection for longer period than its competitors.

The Benefits of Ceramic Coating on your Vehicle

Ceramic coating is an excellent choice because it has many benefits for you and your vehicle. Here are some of the benefits you will get if you decide to get ceramic coating for your car.

Protection against Outdoor Elements

Your car will have an extra layer of protection against these elements:

Weather Erosion

Many outdoor elements, such as water, sand, heat, and snow can damage your vehicle’s paint. Our ceramic coating process and materials are the industry standard, meaning it can protect your car from the unique challenges in any region—whether the climate is extremely hot or cold or whether you live in sandy beach cities or snowy regions.

Acid Rain

Without noticing, acid rain coming from nitric and sulfuric rich rains in the spring can leave acid marks on your vehicle’s exterior. The moisture during these seasons may also leave irreversible damage, which is why preventing it with ceramic coating is your best bet.

UV and Sun Protection

Being exposed under the sun for a while, your car’s factory coating will tend to fade and break down. The sun’s UV rays combined with environmental pollutants will introduce oxidation, which is not good news for your car’s paint job if you don’t have an extra layer of protective ceramic coating.

Tree Sap

Tree sap is one of the stickiest natural elements that you don’t want on your vehicle. And it is evident to get tree sap falling on your shiny paint job. And we know you know how hard it is to get rid of nature’s natural adhesive. Fortunately, with ceramic coating—you can get tree sap right of with just a wipe.

Bird Droppings

Just like tree sap, bird droppings are another thing you cannot avoid when driving and parking your vehicle. Because bird droppings have a significantly high amount of uric acid, they tend to quickly burn through your car’s factory paint job—unless you have an extra layer of protective ceramic coating.

Protection against Wear and Tear

If you drive your car daily, it is hard to avoid natural wear and tear, small scratches from the road, and other damage due to daily usage.

Small scratches from everyday use

You can protect your vehicle from small scratches due to everyday use, so you don’t need to worry about small scratches on your car’s paint when giving your car maintenance washes.

Rust Protection

Ceramic coating bonds with the paint to protect your vehicle from building up rust due to water and oxygen.

Maintain its “New Car” Shine

With ceramic coating, you can maintain a long-lasting shine, protecting your investment and retaining a higher value when you decide to sell or preserve it.

Less Maintenance

Having an extra layer requires less maintenance on the car’s body. Instead applying wax frequently—the ceramic coating will have a long-lasting shine for years. Plus, we use Owners Pride Ceramic Coating that guarantees no maintenance on the ceramic coating itself.

Save money and water on frequent car washes

Save money and also preserve water with fewer car washes—allowing you to increase your savings and have less impact on the environment. If you ever need to wash your car, you will lessen the need to use more water because cleaning will become effortless with the extra layer of shine on top of your car’s beautiful paint job.

Our Process


We make sure to prepare the surface by cleaning it thoroughly before the application.


We remove swirls, scuffs, and scratches by multi-step machine polishing before applying the ceramic coating.


We carefully apply the Owner’s Pride Ceramic Coating, which is a very challenging process that requires professionals like us.


We remove excess coating and make sure it is evenly spread, and allow a 12-hour curing process.


Now you can enjoy protection against UV rays, weather erosion, pollution, tree sap, rust, bird droppings, and other harmful outdoor elements.
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